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Sandra Gordon

I had a great experience seeking out South Florida Lower Extremity Center. Dr. Nooshin Zolfaghari is an extremely knowledgeable, dedicated and reliable podiatrist. Previously, I saw another podiatrist who stressed that I had to get my foot amputated. I went to see Dr. Zolfaghari for a second opinion. Through the high quality of knowledge and years of experience she was able to perform the corrective surgery needed which saved my foot. I am extremely grateful that I found Dr. Zolfaghari. I highly recommend Dr. Nooshin Zolfaghari to anyone seeking superior care.

YML Company

Dr. Quinn is excellent and really cares about her patients.

Alex Jarvis

South Florida Lower Extremity Center is hands down the best foot and ankle clinic in South Florida! Dr. Zolfaghari and Dr. Zilberman specialize in advanced surgical, sports medicine and wound care procedures. Her staff is just as amazing and ensured my grandmother received the utmost respect and care! Dr. Zolfaghari salvaged my grandmothers foot and I cannot thank her enough!!

Aja Niemann

I’ve been regularly donating since 2020. Out of all of the plasma centers, this is the best one! The facility is clean, the workers are good people who work as a team and the experience is usually a positive one! I’d like to give a special shot out to the phlebotomists Alrick, Tyrone, Ydali, Eric & John because they do a great job!

Hollywood Bright Smile Spa

Hi I’m a dentist in the same building, not only was it very convenient to make an appt, the staff was amazing!! Dr. Zolfaghari treated my son’s nails and he is now fungus free! And he had his ingrown toenails removed and he is also pain free!! My son is very happy and so am I. I highly recommend this practice to anyone with any foot issues, you will not regret it!

Jasmine Grocher

Dr. Zolaghari is one of the best in her field. Very attentive & knowledgeable. I needed help with my son's big toe. She was able to quickly identify the problem (the beginning stages of an ingrown nail) & recommend the least aggressive form of treatment. I was amazed at how fast it corrected the problem! If you or a loved one requires podiatry services, I highly recommend using South Florida Lower Extremity.

Patrick Hackett

I'm 70 years old. I've been going to podiatrist since my early twenties. I live in South Florida and I've been an international marathon runner for 20 years up until I was close to 40 years old. I've always had my own podiatrist and I've had the best. I ran international marathons and there's nothing more important than the care of your feet and your own podiatrist. I've been in South Florida lower extremity podiatry for the last 8 months. And in my expert opinion, this is the best podiatry office I've ever been to. There are five beautiful women each one of them specializes in something else and the energy is very positive. I always look forward into going to their office. They answer each and every question I might ask and I never wait more than a couple minutes. I recommend anybody looking for a podiatrist to check this office out. And I promise you they will treat you just like they treat everybody else and I guarantee you'll be happy with my recommendation. They have a few offices although I go to the one in downtown Fort Lauderdale. What do you have to lose give it a try. They are also fluent in both English and Spanish.

Bonnie Levine

I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Zolfighary and Dr. Zilberman. No one cares for their patients more than they do. They explain things clearly, so that you understand your options, and they don’t push surgery unless it’s really needed. They provide great wound care too. They were honest, thorough, and took great care of my foot! I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Sammy C

Dr. Zilverman and Dr. Zolfaghari are the BEST at what they do!!!!! I would not go anywhere else!!! Had an Achilles tendon repair done by them and I have to say it was PERFECT!!!

Nobo FN

My grandmother had surgery by Dr. Zolfoghari and she was amazing. Thank you